Redefining Sweet Satisfaction...

Miss Birdsong's Sweet Tooth takes pride in preserving the time-honored tradition of handcrafting sweets and confections for your enjoyment.

While Miss Birdsong embraces tradition, it also offers a diverse array of gourmet candy apples that cater to the evolving tastes of today's discerning sweet tooth.

The attention to detail in each creation reflects a dedication to quality and a commitment to preserving the essence of time-honored recipes.


Caramel Apple

You have never had a caramel apple as decadent as this. Our caramel is creamy and delicious.


Chocolate Bar

Looking for something fun for your next event? Try our marble chocolate bar. Sure to be a hit!


Candy Apple

This is the old fashioned favorite that you grew up loving. The original flavored apple.



Enjoy our hand-poured lollipops. Flavors vary. Great for parties or as a fun gift.


Secret to Success

Learn about Miss Birdsong's Sweet Tooth's journey.


Ms. Brighten
I had the pleasure of tasting her wares at Sam's Club during a  showcase event. The candy apples are so yum, yum yummy!  I had the "original" red candy apple.  SOOOO GOOOOD!
Mr. Chew
I ordered the candy apples and other sweet treats for my daughter's birthday and OMG they were DELICIOUS! My entire family and friends really enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing your delectable treats.